Diving school

If you still do not know whether you want to engage in scuba diving (diving) for many years, diving to great depths and wrecks, or just feel comfortable during sightseeing walks along the seabed. Then we will help you pass both the introductory and the certification course of the underwater swimmer. For an introductory review course, a beginner diver, there is no need for special physical capabilities and high financial costs. Our diving masters will teach you to feel comfortable under water, breathe correctly, control your body and control the necessary equipment. This course is available to all age categories.


Our diving and kayaking center can offer a wide range of services.

Diving school for children and those who decided to try for the first time or get an internationally recognized diver certificate. We will help organize a corporate dive and a thematic underwater photo shoot. Meet sunrises and sunsets and usually have fun with family or friends to learn kayaking or the Sup-board. We also promote green tourism, organize weekends in the picturesque corners of Odessa region, in perfect harmony with nature and family with the birds singing.