Sunset romance

Start your day at dawn. Whether it's a romantic walk or the start of a busy day. When you meet the dawn in the sea, you will change all day. We will help to realize all your expectations, create an atmosphere of peace and unity with nature. Can't this be a great start to a new day! Romance, unity with nature, the sound of the surf and the awakening of the sea. Swinging on the waves, the coolest photos, the most magical morning in my life - this is an incomplete list of reviews! And we are sure that you will supplement this list by meeting this day. 

 An early rise completely fades with the first rays of the sun. Perhaps these are the most magical minutes of the day, having caught which, you will be charged with energy for the whole day. And on the shore you will be met by our hospitable team, carefully preparing delicious tea and a sea of ​​emotions.


Our diving and kayaking center can offer a wide range of services.

Diving school for children and those who decided to try for the first time or get an internationally recognized diver certificate. We will help organize a corporate dive and a thematic underwater photo shoot. Meet sunrises and sunsets and usually have fun with family or friends to learn kayaking or the Sup-board. We also promote green tourism, organize weekends in the picturesque corners of Odessa region, in perfect harmony with nature and family with the birds singing.