Diving for the whole family

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Diving for the whole family

Scuba diving has various directions and difficulty levels, from recreational to cave. We offer you a completely different, entertaining view of scuba diving. Masks in which you can talk, the lack of heavy and complex equipment is also the need for special skills. You can immerse yourself in the underwater world as yourself, as a family or with a group of friends.
Underwater photo shoots and entertainment programs are unique to the Odessa coast. The study of marine life and free communication underwater.
Almost the entire fauna of the Black Sea is found in the waters of our diving and kayak center.
Our equipment from the most reliable and best world manufacturers allows you to comfortably and safely dive into the underwater world.
Diving in Odessa can be interesting! For both children and adults. 


Our diving and kayaking center can offer a wide range of services

Diving school for children and those who decide to try for the first time or get an international diving certificate. We will help you organize a corporate dive and a thematic underwater photo session. Meet sunrises and sunsets and generally have fun with family or friends to master kayaking or sup-boarding. We also promote green tourism, organize weekends in the picturesque corners of the Odessa region, in complete harmony with nature and family while singing birds.

We are the only diving and kayaking center in Ukraine, fully equipped for disabled people, all services for them are free


14 Stancia Bolshogo Fontana 3/1

14-я станция Большого Фонтана пляж, 3/1